"My Experience with the Belfor Appliance.

When I first met Dr. Belfor I had two major problems with teeth:
1.  My upper front 2 teeth over lapped each other more than 1/8 of an inch in the center of my smile.
2.  One of the overlapping teeth was discolored because of using antibiotics at a young age.

What I liked most about the device is that my front teeth were able to be completed corrected by just wearing the device at night.  No braces at all were required which is a major plus for a 35 year old woman.  The unexpected benefit was a much fuller upper lip, putting it in better proportion with my lower lip.  My smile definitely got much wider.  I am now completely happy with my smile."
- Kimberly MacCracken


"My experience with the Homeoblock™ has been nothing short of astounding. Over the past five years, I had observed that my face was starting to sag, and thought that it was something that I should have learn to accept as part of growing old gracefully! 

When, during my regular dental check up, Dr Belfor pointed out that the arch of my teeth was lop sided, and suggested that there was a way to gently correct it over a relatively short period of time without surgery, I was intrigued. After seeing the before and after photos of one of his patients, who coincidently I recognized as having recently cast in a show for Mattel (I always pay attention in auditions to make sure that my actors have great teeth) I was determined to learn more. The most important thing for me to know  was whether I would be able to tolerate something my mouth while I was sleeping, since I thought that I would have a tendency to gag. I was elated to discover that I had absolutely no problem wearing the device, and that it was very simple to insert and remove.

Seeing the transformation of my mouth and alignment of my teeth would have been worth it alone, but my face actually started to change. My results were truly beyond my wildest expectation. Over a period of just a few months, I developed what I can only describe as new cheek bones! I could see it in the mirror, and the thermal imaging on the computer software that was part of Dr Belfor's clinical documentation, backed it up. I started to get "did she or didn't she" looks from my friends and colleagues who were wondering if I'd had some sort of plastic surgery, and when I saw how my face had naturally lifted, I could hardly believe it myself. 

I am thrilled that I made the decision to go with the Homeoblock™, and knowing that my air passages have also opened up so that my night time breathing is also improved, is more icing on the cake. It's the best thing I've ever done for myself, and I highly recommend it.
- Lesley Collis


"I am thrilled with the results I got with Dr. Belfor's technique. I have a real beautiful smile now and my cheekbones are so much more defined. Before, I always thought I'd have crooked teeth for the rest of my life. Without pain and using a natural way, without people having to know about the treatment, I got a gorgeous alignment thanks to Dr. Belfor. I also love his passion for his work and his perfectionist attitude. A million smiles to you, Dr. Belfor!"
- Sarah Chevalley


"After years of grinding my teeth, not only were they crooked, they were half of their original size. I had been told over and over that the only way to fix them was to wear braces. I refused. I couldn't bear the thought of going to an audition with metal on my teeth. Then I saw an ad in "Backstage Newspaper" for removable devices to straighten teeth. I couldn't believe it. Not only was it true, but they worked better than I could have imagined. Now, thanks to Dr. Belfor's care and true interest in what he does, my teeth are beautiful. It is so wonderful to have more self confidence...especially in front of casting directors!"
- Victoria J Harp


"I always thought that my jaw was small, and I asked dentists if they thought I should get braces again. They all said, "no". I stopped asking. Dr. Belfor saw the problem and offered to correct it without braces. (which is why I agreed to it). Although it is a cosmetic procedure, the improvement I am most pleased with. I can even breath better. I am really happy with the results. It's nice to have room for my toungue again."
- Allison Seed


"In a matter of a few months, I saw dramatic improvement with very little discomfort during the night. A great, lasting investment."
- Mike Sammaciccia


"I have known Dr. Belfor for 6 years and have found him to be an excellent, concerned dentist. Dr. Belfor custom designed a removable orthodentic device that not only greatly improved the physical appearance of my teeth but was also designed to improve the long term health of my gums. Throughout the process, Dr. Belfor carefully tracked my process and readily made adjustments or improvements to the device. It was clear that Dr. Belfor sought the best results for me without regards his time, effort, or cost. I am very happy with the results and look forward to continual dental care with Dr. Belfor."
- Bennett Borko